Membership form: RCDCA membership form 2024 bilingual verified


Membership is open to all serving and retired members of the Canadian Forces Dental Services and the Royal Canadian Dental Corps, including both military members and civilian employees.

Five Good Reasons to Join the RCDCA

1. Information access and networking. Newsletters and news updates.

2. Support the Dental Corps and the Canadian Forces.

3. Keep in touch with old friends and colleagues.

4.  Easy access to 1 Dental Unit sponsored Continuing Education and social functions.

5. Pride of continued association with our world-class military dentistry organization.

Please mail completed form with cheque or money order for $20 to the address indicated on the form

Membership dues are $20 annually, 3 years for $50, or 10 years for $150. A Lifetime Membership costs $400

 5 bonnes raisons pour joindre l’ACDRC 

1. Accès à l’information et au réseautage de l’association par ses contacts, publications et mises à jour. 

2. Supporter le Corps dentaire et les Forces canadiennes. 

3. Rester en contact avec ses collègues et vieux amis(es). 

4. Facile d’accès à l’éducation continue et les fonctions sociales parrainées par la 1ere Unité Dentaire 

5. Fierté d’avoir une association continue à une organisation militaire de classe mondiale en dentisterie.